Each year on the 1st of May we mark Radio Remembrance Day for Australian Radio Broadcasters. It is our way to remember and honour great radio people, some we knew and worked with, some we read about and for some we were only listeners but they left us with lasting memories. They made an impact.

Over the last few years the radio industry has lost some great people who many of us have worked with, listened to and learnt a lot from. People like Bruce Mansfield, Eoin Cameron, Rod Tiley, Sundo (Jeff Sunderland), Stuart Matchett, Jill Singer, Ken SparkesJohn Burnley, Bob Francis, Mark Colvin, Darrell Eastlake and many others.

The list of those who contributed much of their lives to radio contains many icons, some of whom were honoured and awarded many times, others who were an integral part of the success of their stations but received little recognition except among those who knew them.

We would like to thank John Vertigan, Wayne Mac, Ian Wright, Steve Wakely, Chris Ilsley, Ken Guy, David Rogerson, Gregg Sinclair, David Font, John Knox, Trevor Himstedt and many other people who have helped with information, photos and other details and everyone who has sent in additions, corrections and amendments which have all been updated.

There is an updated photo album on the following page:

The 1st of May is a day to remember, reflect and think about those who may have helped us along the way.

“Those we laughed with, learned from, leaned on and loved most, leave us the best memories”.


Adam Barnes (Plenty Valley FM, Triple M/Fox FM, B105, DMG Townsville, SA-FM, Gold FM/Mix101.1, SCA Albury) 2007
Adam Vaughan (Vorherr) (City FM, Southern FM, HO-FM, Gold 104, MIXX FM, 3TR, 3CS, 3HA) 2006
Alan “Fluff” Freeman MBE (7LA, 3KZ, BBC, Capital Radio UK) Nov 2006
Alan “Kanga” Ireson (ABC Radio Melbourne) Nov 2017 Alan Ireson worked with the ABC from 1948 until his retirement in 1995.
Alan Baker (2VM, 2DU, 2NM, 4AY, 4LM, 3KZ) Date Unknown Thank you to Ian Keenan
Alan Camm (3GL) Date Unknown Thank you to Ian Nicholls
Alan Clement (3TR, 2TM. 4GY, 6NW, 5CS, 5CC, 3MFM, 3REG FM Gippsland) June 2018
Alan Gibbs (Seven, Radio Lecturer TAFE WA) May 2017
Alan Knight (AAP, ABC Radio, 2JJJ, 4ZZZ, Macquarie News, ABC RN, RTHK)

Alan Knight was a founding member of Brisbane community station 4ZZZ. A Walkley Award for Industrial Affairs reporting has been jointly named after him and journalist Helen O’Flynn. He was also Head of the Graduate School of Journalism, University of Technology Sydney

Feb 2017 Thank you to Cathy Jenkins
Alan McGilvray AM, MBE (ABC Radio)
Alan McGilvray was widely recognised as the first voice of Australian Cricket in a broadcasting career that spanned more than fifty years, starting in the 1930s. He also captained NSW after making his debut against Victoria at the MCG in December 1933.In 1974 he  was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) and in 1980 he became a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for his service to cricket.
July 1996
Alan Mead (Chief Engineer Radiowest) Feb 2017
Alan Rawson (2ST, 2KA, 2UE, 2GB, 4BH, ABC Radio Illawarra,  ABC North Coast, Seven News) June 2004
Alan Robertson (6PM, 6PR, 6KY-NA, 6IX) July 1982 Thank you to Chris Ilsley
Alan Seymour (6PM, 2UE, 2UW, ABC)
Writer of “The One Day Of The Year”
March 2015
Alec Macaskill (5AD, ADS7) 2007
Alex Hilling (4CA, 4AM, 4CC, Star FM Coffs Harbour)

May 2005
Alex Kenworthy (3AW)
Rev Alex Kenworthy was a Baptist Minister. He took over from Don Taylor on 3AW’s Nightline and hosted from 1971 to 1991
Allan Lappan (2KO, 2HD, 2SM, 4BK, 3XY, 3UZ) April 2000 Thank you to John Vertigan
Amanda Cavill (SBS Radio)
Amanda Cavill was SBS Radio’s Canberra Bureau Chief for close to twenty years covering seven federal elections and six Prime Ministers.
Sept 2017
Andrea (Dorothy Jenner) OBE (2UE, 2GB, ABC, 2CH) Mar 1985
Andrea Humberstone (6KY, 96FM, Mix 94.5 Perth) March 2015 Thank you to Bob Stuart and Allira Humberstone
Andrew Crothers (101FM Rockingham, Mix 94.5 Perth, Radioactive Singapore) Feb 2014
Andrew Harwood (4WK, 2KY, 2UE, 2GB) Feb 2008
Andrew Olle (ABC Townville, 4QR, ABC 702 Sydney, This Day Tonight, 7:30 Report, Nationwide, Four Corners)

Andrew Olle was born in 1947 and joined the ABC in Brisbane in November 1967 as a news cadet. He spent the next 28 years developing his skills as a journalist by working in a wide variety of programs – from radio news reporting in Townsville, to This Day Tonight, Nationwide, A Big Country, Four Corners, The 7.30 Report and as the morning show presenter on ABC Radio 2BL in Sydney. He died suddenly of an inoperable brain tumour on 12 December 1995 aged 47.

Dec 1995
Andrew Reimer (7TTT, Sea FM, Magic 107) June 2015
Anne Deveson AO (AFTRS, 2GB, ABC, SBS) Dec 2016
Anne Deveson AO (AFTRS, 2GB, ABC, SBS) Dec 2016
Anthony Mazzone (2CA, Triple M Adelaide, KO-FM/NX-FM, Austereo) May 2017
Antony Van Der Meer (Fresh 92.7 Adelaide)
Antony Van Der Meer died after being struck by lightning in Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory
Jan 2018
Arch McKirdy (3TR, 3SH, 2UW, 2SM, 2GB, ABC Radio, AFTRS) Aug 2013
Arch Tambakis (5AA, 8HA, 2UE, 2KY, 3AK) Sept 1997 Thank you to Ian Wright
Art Townsend (5AA) 1983
Arthur Burrage (ABC Radio)
After retiring for ABC Radio, Arthur Burrage retired to Tasmania where he passed away in 2008.
May 2008
Arthur Lyster (3AW) Apr 1988
Barbara Horn (3LO) Jan 2010
Barry Augustus (2CH, 2UE, 2GB, 4BH) Aug 2008
Barry Everingham (Radio Journalist 3AW, 3UZ, 2SM, ABC, Associated Press, News Ltd, MSNBC, Canberra Bureau Chief – The Australian)

A tribute to Barry Everingham from journalist Tess lawrence appears here:

June 2018
Barry Goodear (3UZ, 3NE) June 2004
Barry Rocard (2GB, 2UE, BBC) Sept 2015
Barry Scanlon (3AW) April 2015
Barry Washington (BCV-8 WIN TV, 3BO, 5AU, 3HA, KL-FM) Dec 2015
Belinda Emmett (Coast Rock FM)

Belinda Emmett was married to comedian and media personality Rove McManus. She was also an accomplished actress with roles in the TV series Home & Away, All Saints and the film The Nugget

Nov 2006
Bernard Carr (7HO) Date Unknown
Bernard Judd OAM MBE (2CH)

Rev Bernard Judd OAM, MBE (1918–1999) was an Anglican cleric from Sydney. He studied at Moore Theological College and was ordained in 1943. He was also the minister at St Peter’s East Sydney from 1947 to 1986. He was a man of strong belief and was noted for his opposition to alcohol, drugs, gambling, organised crime and (in earlier years) the Roman Catholic Church.

He broadcast on 2CH and was a prolific letter writer to the Sydney Morning Herald. Bernard Judd was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 1973 and Order of Australia (OAM) in 1993.

Jan 1999 Album Photo: thank you to Ramon Williams
Bernard Lynch (2QN, 3SR, ABC 3WV/WL Horsham, 3LO, ABC Regional Radio NSW, Victoria and South Australia, ABC Christmas Island, Radio Australia, GMV 6) Sept 1995 Thank you to Rod McNeil, Neville Pellitt, Penny Johnston, Derek Guille, Maureen O’Keeffe, Mark Skurnik
Bernie (Bernard) Harte (2KM, 2KA)
Author: “When Radio Was The Cat’s Whiskers”
July 2015 Thank you Ian Wright
Bernie Walsh (3TR, 3SH) July 2011 Thank you to Ken Guy
Bert Bryant (3UZ GTV 9, ATV 0) 1991
Bert Day (2QN, 3DB, 5AD, HSV-7)

Bert Day was one of the best known race callers and sports broadcasters in South Australia but had also covered the Queen’s visit to the MCG for the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and hosted the Adelaide version of Seven’s World Of Sport

Jan 2015
Bert Robertson (3KZ, 2UW, 2MW, 4BC, 4GG, 4CRB)

In later years Bert Robertson was the well known voice of the Super Amart, Sportsmans Paradise and Errol Stewarts Warehouse ads. “Bird Brain” was also the creator of Selwyn Seagull – the 4GG mascot.

A Tribute to Bert Robertson appears on the following page:

March 2018 Thank you to Gary Boughen.
Bert Scetrine BEM (GM 7SD)

Bert Scetrine was awarded the British Empire Medal in the 1977 New Year Honours

Date Unknown
Bill Acfield (3GL, 3UZ, 3XY, 3DB, 3LO ABC Melbourne) Nov 1977
Bill Ali (4BC, 3XY, 96FM) Aug 2015
Bill Collins (3DB, 3UZ, Seven) 1997
Bill Harper (Chief Engineer 3CV) July 2016 Thanks to Peter Caligari and Ken Guy
Bill Kinsella (Engineer 3LK / 3WM)
Bill Kinsella was chief engineer of 3LK (which became 3WM) from 1944 to 1970. He also owned The Lubeck General Store.
Aug 2017
Bill Marsden (2LF, RVN/AMV TV) June 2015
Bill Meads (ABC Radio 3LO) Feb 2008
Bill Peach (ABC Radio, BBC, TEN) Aug 2013
Bill Rule (6PR, 3KZ, 3AK, 3GL, 3LO) May 2010
Bill Ryan (Chief Engineer 4SB, 4NA/4SS) June 1999
Bill Tuckey (3AW, 3DB) May 2016
Billie (Joan) Karen (3AW) April 2013
Billie Karen (3AW)
Billie Karen (Joan Scott Karen) was married to legendary presenter Ormsby Wilkins who was at 2GB, 2UE and 3AW
April 2013
Binny (Bernice) Lum (3XY, 3KZ, 3DB) Nov 2012
Blair Edmonds (4QR, ABC TV) Date Unknown
Blair Schwartz (5AD, ADS-7, NWS-9) May 2004
Blind Melon (John Williams) (4BU/HITZ FM, NEW FM/2HD) Feb 2011
Bob “Rocket” Moore (ABC Radio, 2CH, 2GB, Seven) Oct 2013
Bob Ackery (2VM, 4AY, 2CA, Macsat, 4BH) Aug 2016
Bob Bell (Nine, 2UW, 2GB, 2CH) June 2016
Bob Cornish (3SR, 3UL, 3UZ, AGB McNair/AC Nielsen) March 2010
Bob Cure (ABC 7ZR Hobart) Oct 2014
Bob Francis (5DN, 5AD, 5AA) Nov 2016
Bob Francis (5DN, 5AD, 5AA) Nov 2016
Bob Fricker (5DN, 5AD)
Bob Fricker created the comic character “Charlie Cheesecake”, a boy who was always getting into trouble, for his 5AD breakfast show. He wrote and illustrated two books of “cautionary tale” poems, in collaboration with advertising executive Lloyd Wilson “The Adventures of Charlie Cheesecake” was published in the early 1950s.He was inducted into the Australian Country Music Hall Of Fame in 2002
Date Unknown
Bob Horsfall (3AW, 3KZ, 3UZ, GTV-9, HSV-7) Dec 2016
Bob Horsfall (3AW, 3KZ, 3UZ, GTV 9, HSV 7) Dec 2016
Bob Kosch (3LK) Oct 2006
Bob McGready (2GZ, CBN 8 Orange, Bay FM Byron Bay) Nov 2008
Bob Moore (2DU) Aug 2003
Bob Smith (2KY, 4ZR, 4LM, 4GC) Date Unknown Thank you to Ian Keenan
Bob Stevenson (4GR, 4BC, Director of Maranoa Broadcasters – 4ZR) Date Unknown
Bob Stevenson (Country Bob) (4SB, Crow FM) Oct 2015
Bob Upfold (2BS) June 2010
Bob Walker (3KZ, 3AW, ATV 0, The Age)

Bob Walker (under the name R.R Walker) was the author of radio industry books including The Magic Spark – 50 Years of Radio and Dial 1197 – The 3KZ Story

Oct 1994
Brad Carr (2HD, 4SB, 2KO) Oct 2006
Brad Worth (2BE, 2ST, 3TR, 2CS, FOX FM) 1987 Brad Worth was killed in a road accident
Brendan “Mook” Hanley (Bay FM Byron Bay, NIM FM Nimbin) Jan 2018
Brenton Thompson (2LF, 2WG) Aug 2013
Brian Cahill (4BC, Seven Brisbane) Mar 2015
Brian Carter (3CV, 3BA, 2SM) Date Unknown
Brian Heathcote (4MB, 4BU/Hitz FM) Jan 2007 Brian Heathcote was murdered in Nundah, a suburb of Brisbane
Brian Kelly (2BS, 2MG, 2TM, 4GG, 4CRB, NEN9) 2012
Brian Minards (2XL, 2CA, ABC Canberra) Sept 2016
Brian Naylor (3AK, 3DB, HSV 7, GTV 9) Feb 2009
Brian Stoneman (2RG, 3CS, 2CC) Sept 1992 Thank you to John Knox
Brian Taylor (3UZ & GTV) Apr 2014
Brian Whetstone (Jon Sydney) (3SH, 3BO, Radio Caroline UK, 3AW) Jan 1998
Brian White (2GB, 2SM, 3AW, 2UE) May  1990
Brian Wright (5DR Darwin, 2GB, ATN 7, ATV 0, Crawford Productions)
During World War Two, Brian Wright founded the Army radio station 5DR in Darwin which later became 8DR. After the war he joined 2GB and in 1956 moved to ATN 7 as chief newsreader. He later moved into the Programme and Production Manager, Public Relations and Special Events director roles. He also created the first three Telethons on Australian Television.In 1964 Brian became a founding executive of ATV O Melbourne (now ATV 10) as their first Director of News and Current Affairs. Brian also wrote for Bellbird, Skippy, Spyforce, Class of 74, The Sullivans, Carson’s Law and many other iconic shows. He was also a founding member and later president of the Australian Writers’ Guild.
Jan 2013
Bruce Anning (ABC Radio Queensland) 1983
Bruce Barry (4GY, 2MW, 4BH, ABC TV) Apr 2017
Bruce Mansfield (3AW, 3UZ, 3KZ, 3XY, TEN) Apr 2016
Bruce Short (4GR, 4BU, 4BC, ABC Queensland) Apr 2011
Bruce Skeggs OAM (Inner FM and Victorian Trotting) Mar 2013
Bryan Eyre (Technician 7AD, 7SD) Aug 2016
Cal Lowney (2QN, 4WK, 4LG) Apr 2017
Cameron Bond (4GR, 2CA, 2SM, 2WS) 1990s
Carl Bleazby (3XY, Radio Jerusalem) Dec 2011
Carl Graham (6TZ, 6KY, 6NA) 1991 Thank you to Chris Ilsley
Carl Magrin (3KZ, 3TT) 1992
Carl Olsen (Radio Hauraki, 6KY, 6PR, 6IX, 2CH, 4GG) June 2006 Carl also worked on air as Terry Olsen at 6KY
Cathy Godbold (FOX FM, TT-FM Melbourne)
Cathy Godbold was the daughter of broadcaster and entertainer Rosemary Margan.
May 2018
Charles (Chuck) Norton (5AD) Date Unknown
Charles Weymouth (2CH, 3AK, 3BO, 3XY, 3CS, 3SH, 3MA) Date Unknown Charles Weymouth passed away in Swan Hill.
Thank you to Ken Guy
Chas (Charles) Lumsden (3TR, 3BO, 3UZ, 7HO, 7HT, 7BU, 7EX, 5KA, 5AD, 4AY, TNQ 7)

Chas Lumsden, using the name Sam Lowe, was also on Noosa Community Radio in late 1990s

Apr 2017 Chas passed away on the Sunshine Coast aged 77.

Thank you to Ralphe Rickman

Chris Bearde (2UE, 2UW, Seven, Nine, TEN) Apr 2017
Chris Bradley (Bay FM Byron Bay)
Chris Bradley, 28, was originally from Cronulla. He was well known in the Byron Bay music scene, going by the moniker of ‘DJ Dad Bod’.
Dec 2017
Chris Brammall (2GN, 2AY, 2GB, 2CH, Wesgo) Nov 2003
Chris Burnat (Engineer CBAA, ABC, SBS, 2NUR, 2WEB, 2SER) June 2014
Chris Chamberlin (B105, ABC TV) June 2017
Chris Costello (4ZR, 4HI, 4CC, 4BC, 2WS) June 2013
Chris Jensen (ABC QLD, 4BC) May 2013
Chris O’Sullivan ‘Chrisso’ (3WM/3LK, 3CV, 7HO) Dec 1982
Chuck Hobler (2KO, 4BK, TVQ O, BTQ 7) Date Unknown
Clarke Sinclair (3SA, 3AK, 3XY, 3AW, Magic 693, 2GB) July 2010
Claudia Wright (3AW, 3AK) 2005
Clem Allan (3DB, 3AK, 3GL) July 2017
Clem Dimsey (3DB, Channel 0/10) Sept 2015
Cliff Nicholls Whitta “Nicky” (ABC 3LO, 3AW, 3UZ, 2CH, 3KZ, 3UZ) Sept 1956
Clinton Grybas (Eastern FM, 3AW, ABC Radio, Fox Sports) Jan 2008 2007 ACRA winner for Best Sports Presenter
Clive Stark (3LO ABC 774 Melbourne, 3AR, 3MBS) July 2017
Clive Waters (3UZ) Date Unknown
Clyde Simpson (3XY, EON-FM, 3MP, 3UZ, Magic1278, 3AW, Inner FM ) Aug 2012
Col ‘Grandpa’ Carter (Radio Engineer 2KM) Date Unknown
Col Gross (3TR) Apr 2006 Thank you to Ken Guy
Col Thompson  “The Coach” (4IP, 4BK, 4BH, Q-FM, Nine, co-founder of the Brisbane RATS club) Mar 2015
Colin Fulton (ABC, Nine, ATV 0/10) Jan 2017
Colin McEwan (3AK, 3XY, 6PR)

Colin McEwan was a newsreader with ATV 0 Melbourne and a versatile actor, appearing in many TV productions including Cop Shop, Homicide, Kingswood Country, The Naked Vicar and films/miniseries including Day Of The Roses about the Granville Train Disaster

Aug 2005
Colin Munro AO (ABC Country Hour, Australia All Over, Head of ABC Rural)

Colin Munro’s Obituary from The Sydney Morning Herald is here:

AUDIO LINK: Virginia Love’s tribute to Col Munro is here:

Nov 2010
Corbett Shaw (3AW, 2GB, Macquarie Newswire, First News Director SBS, Sydney Morning Herald)

A tribute to Corbett Shaw is on this page:

Mar 2016
Craig Huth (MAX FM/2RE, 4BU, Now FM, Hot 100) June 2014
Dal Myles (4BH, 2SM, TEN) 2007
Dan Webb (Seven, 3DB) Mar 2017
Danny Moore (4DDB Toowoomba) June 2017
Darrell Eastlake (2UW, 4GG, 2GO, Star 104.5, NBN 3, Nine Network)
More on Darrell Eastlake’s career here:
Apr 2018
Darren Madigan (Sports Presenter, 101 FM Brisbane, 2NZ, Gold 92.5, ABC Coast 91.7, Rebel FM) June 2018
Dave Dangerfield (PM-FM Perth, 4MMM) Dec 1998 Thank you to Bryan Amos
Dave Frazer (6AM Northam, 6MD, 7AD, Radio Yesteryear, Gosford, Coast FM Gosford)
Dave Frazer started his career at 6AM in Northam WA in 1980. From 2006 to 2018 he was a popular presenter of  96.3 Coast FM Gosford.
March 2018
Dave Gosper (5RM, 4RO, 2CA, 2CC, KIX106, Mix 106.3 ) Dec 2013
Dave Pincombe (3TR, 3UZ/Sport 927, 3XY, 3DB, 4GG, 5KA) Oct 2001
David Coburn (3BO, 3DB, 3GL) Date Unknown
David ‘Daisy’ Day (5KA, SA-FM, 5MMM) May 2015
David Dallimore (6IX)
A tribute to David Dallimore is here:
Oct 2011 Thank you to Ken McKay
David ‘Jags’ Jagodzinski (2WS) March 2014
David Jull (4BH, 4IP, 101 FM Logan, TVQ-0)

David Jull was a radio journalist and the first person to appear on Brisbane channel TVQ 0 when it debuted in July 1965.
He was a Member of Federal Parliament from 1975-83 and was re-elected in a different seat from 1984 to 2007. In retirement he maintained his association with the media as a presenter, patron and president of Brisbane-based community radio station 101FM.

Sept 2011
David Kennedy (6KG, 6GF ABC Goldfields) Feb 2010 Thank you to Chris Ilsley
David Talbot (3CS) June 1992
David Worrall (3DB)
David Worrall started at the Herald-Sun in 1927 and in 1929 was appointed General Manager of 3DB where he stayed for 32 years. He was also President of the Federation of Australian Commercial Broadcasters, appointed in 1938.David Worrall was married to 3AW broadcaster Martha Gardener (Kathleen Zoe Worrall).
April 1968
Deborah Cameron (ABC 702 Sydney, The Sydney Morning Herald) June 2018
Denis Gibbons (3AW, ABC 774 Melbourne, Radio Australia, GTV 9)

Denis Gibbons was a renowned folk and bush ballads artist who released several albums and singles. He was also an author having written “The Broadcaster who laughed in 1985.

Nov 2002
Des (Jim) Austin (6IX, 6PR, 96FM, BBC) Date Unknown Des Passed away in UK.
Thank you to Murray Dickson and Mickey Dalton
Des Foster (2UE, GM 2GB, FARB) Jan 2014
Des Hoysted (2GB, 2UE) March 2010
Des Telfer (774 3LO, 3AW) July 1987
Des Tocchini (aka The Amazing Ronricco) (4BH, 4BU,2BS, 3BO)
Ian Richardson’s Obituary for Des is here:
June 2007 Thank you to Ian Richardson
Des Widdis (Engineer 3TR, 3SH) Date Unknown
Dick Comerford (2CK, 2NX, 2KO) Feb 1997
Dick Eversen (4LG,  4GR, 4VL) Oct 1998 Thank you to Allan Roebuck
Dick Heming (2UE,2GZ, 3DB, 2LM, 3UZ, 3XY, 6PR) July 1994
Dick Hudson (Ken Hudson) (3KZ, 3AW)
Dick Hudson was originally from New Zealand. He was born Kenrick Frank
Varley Hudson. He also served with the RAAF during World War 2.
Sept 1971
Dick Hughes (2MBS-FM)
Dick Hughes, born in 1931 was a specialist jazz presenter, journalist and broadcaster and was also an accomplished jazz pianist, vocalist and band leader. In 1973 he became the first jazz pianist to perform at the Sydney Opera House.
Apr 2018
Dick Moore (5UV, 5AD) Date Unknown
Dick Williams (3TR, 3LO, ABC TV, Radio Australia) July 2014
Don “Mad Dog” Dwyer (2AY, 3YB, 3DB, Metro Radio Newcastle UK, 3LO ABC Melbourne, 3CS, 3GL, Bay FM/K-Rock)

Don Dwyer started in radio at 2AY in 1966. In the 80s he founded the Double D School Of Radio and through the 90s was the well known voice of the Geelong Cats at their homegound Kardina Park.

May 2018
Don Angel (First News Director 2UE) 1990
Don Bethel (2GN, ABC, AFTRS) Oct 2013
Don Crawford (3GL, 3AK, 3AW, 3MP) Sept 2016
Don Ewart (3TR, GLV-10) Dec 2007
Don Kinsey AM (3DB, HSV 7) Aug 2017
Don Lane (3UZ, 2UE, 2KY) Oct 2009
Don Lunn (7LA, 5KA, 2GB, 6KY, 3GL, 3UZ, 3AK, 3DB, 3KZ, 3AW, Gold FM) 2006
Don Rainsford (7SD, 3UZ, 3AW, HSV7, Carlton FC) 1989
Don Seccombe (4BH, ABC TV Brisbane, QTQ-9) Dec 1993
Don Taylor (3AW, ABC Radio, Radio Australia) Date Unknown
Drew Morphett OAM (ABC Radio, 3TT/TT-FM, Seven, Fox Sports) Aug 2017
Earl Scoones (Engineer AWA Network, 3BO, 3SR, 4WK) June 2017
Edna Wells (GM 2MG) Apr 2017
Elio Tedesco (5DN, 5AA, Nova) Dec 2016
Elio Tedesco (5DN, 5AA, Nova) Dec 2016
Elizabeth Bond (2BL, 3LO) 2002
Eoin Cameron (6VA, 6IX, 3DB, 6KY, Mix94.5, 6PR, ABC 720 Perth) June 2016
Eric Baume OBE (2GB, 2UE, ATN-7)

Eric Baume biography from ANU is here:

Apr 1967
Eric Evans (Chief Technician and GM 3TR)
Eric Evans became GM of 3TR after Gordon Lewis left for Perth
Date Unknown Thank you to Ken Guy
Eric Spence (3AK) Date Unknown
Eric Walters (Ten, Seven, Nine, 6PR, 6IX, 2UW) Aug 2010
Errol Battersby “Jim Beam” (3TR, 5KA, 6KY, 6IX, 6PR, 6PM, 92.9  Perth, 6AR)
A tribute to Errol is here:
Feb 2013
Felicity Jones (3DB, 3TT/TT-FM) March 2013
Frank Bellet (Michael Francis Bellet) MBE (4KQ, 4AY, 4AM, GM 4CD) May 2012 Thank you to Noel Roberts
Frank Chamberlain (2GB, 2CA, AFP) Oct 1990
Frank Dixon (First National News Editor  ABC Radio 1947)

Frank Dixon was also an author, having written “Inside The ABC – A Piece Of Australian History. Frank passed away at the age of 101 in 1991.

Aug 1991
Frank Hyde (2SM, 2UE) 2007
Frank Moore (4LM, 2BE, 4BK, 2KO, 2WG, 2AAA) 2005 Note: Not Sir Frank Moore from Colour Radio Group 4IP.

Thank you to Baz Anderson, Wayne Mac and David Font

Fred Tupper “Tuppy” (3UZ, 3AW, ATV 0) March 1976
Gabby Horan (4BK, 4BH) Apr 1999
Garry Meadows (2KO, 7HO, 7HT, 6IX, 6PR, 3DB, 0-10 Network, Seven) 1982
Gary Day (GTV 9, 3AK, FARB) Apr 2015
Gary Kelly (2LF,2LM, 2GO, 2KY, 2BE, 2GB, 2WS, 2UE, 2DAY) April 2015
Gary O’Callaghan (2SM, 2UE, 2KY, 2MC)

Gary O’Callaghan started at 2SM in 1951 at the age of 17. He famously covered the Petrov affair in 1954. Gary was also the creator of the on-air character “Sammy Sparrow”.

Aug 2017
Gavin Dolby (4VL, 4LG, 2TM, 101FM Logan) Jan 2015
Geoff Atkinson (4BC, 4GR, 4BK) 1979
Geoff Bradley (4BK, 4BH, 6PM, 6KY, 6IX) 1979 Photo and details thanks to Chris Ilsley 6PR
Geoff Manion (3DB, 7EX, 6PM, 6PR, 3AW, Herald-Sun) June 2002 Geoff Manion also served as a Navigator with the RAAF during World War 2
Geoff McComas (3BA, 3DB, HSV7) Sept 2011 Geoff McComas spent 36 years at 3DB from 1947, before retiring in July 1983.
Geoff Raymond (3DB, 3UZ, BBC, HSV 7, ATV 0, ABC TV) June 2011 Geoff also owned the restaurant Boodles in Hawkesburn (near Toorak) in the 1970’s.
Geoff Rudge (5KA, GM 3SH, 3TR, ACE Network) June 2015
George “Groover” Wayne (3UL, 2WG, 3TR, 2SM, 2JJ/Triple J)
George Wayne was born in Johannesburg and worked in Springbok and LM Radio in the early sixties before migrating to Australia.
Nov 1992 George died on the 5th of November 1992. He is buried in Macquarie Park Cemetery in Sydney.
George Barlin (Founder of 2CA, and CTC 7 Canberra) Sept 2016
George Grljusich (ABC Radio WA, 6PR, TVW-7) Nov 2007
George Lovejoy (GM 4BH, 4RPH) Feb 2003
Gerry Caulfield (2SM, 2MMM, Triple J) Apr 2014
Gerry Hallahan (2KA, 2CA) May 2015
Glenn Gale (3MA, 5KA, 5MU, 2NM, 2NX, 3XY, 2SM, 4WK, 4IP, 2ST) July 2016
Glenn Knight (3UL, 3MP, 3UZ,  3AK, SEN) July 2011
Gordon Bonner (7EX) Date Unknown
Gordon Leed (3DB, 6PR, STW-9 Perth, TVT-6 Hobart, GTV-9) Date Unknown
Gordon Lewis (3SH, 3TR, GM 6PR, 2KA, 2UW) June 2012
Gordon McBrien (2KM, First announcer at 2NM) Feb 2011
Gordon Moyes AC (2GB)
Rev Gordon Moyes was an ordained Minister of the Uniting Church and was the Superintendent of Wesley Mission Sydney for 27 years. He was also a Member of the New South Wales Legislative Council.
Apr 2015
Gordon Munro (3GL) Date Unknown
Graeme (Graham) ‘Shirley’ Strachan (3XY, EON FM, 4MMM, Nine, Seven) Aug 2001
Graeme Eddy (3TR, 3AW, 2UE) Oct 2015 Thank you to Peter Caligari and Ken Guy
Graeme Gilsenan (Graeme Gill) (3UZ, 3KZ, 2RG, MTN-9, Radio London, Radio Caroline, Radio North Sea Intl, Radio Netherlands)

More on Graeme Gilsenan’s career here:

Apr 2018 Thank you to Alexis Favenchi
Graham Bailey (President 4RPH) June 2018
Graham Bowra (6TZ, 6PR, 6KY, 6PM, 6IX, ABC 720 Perth) Nov 2015
Graham Conolly (2CA, ABC 2CN) May 2004
Graham Kennedy (Radio Australia, 3UZ, 3AK, 3XY, 3DB, 3LO, 2DAY FM)

Graham Kennedy started his broadcasting career aged 15 in 1949 as a messenger boy at Radio Australia. In 1951 he became the turntable operator for Clifford Nicholls Whitta (aka Nicky) at 3UZ where at one time they had an incredible 73% of all morning radio listeners with the ‘Nicky and Graham’ show.

In the 1980s he was one of the founding owners with John Laws and Mike Willesee of Sydney’s 2DAY FM. Graham Kennedy died in Bowral in the NSW Southern Highlands on the 25th of May 2005 aged 71.

May 2005
Graham McGuinness (2GB, 2CA, 8HA, 3MA, HOT-FM Mildura)
Graham McGuinness started as a cadet announcer at 2GB. He passed away in Mildura.
Date Unknown
Graham Opie (3BO, 3SR, 2AY/B104.9) Nov 2013
Graham Webster AM (4QR, 4MBS, NHK Japan) 2007
Grahame Cherry (4MB, 4BH, 3UZ, 2UW, 6KY, 4BK, 4KQ, 2CA)
Grahame Cherry was a prodigiously talented pianist, as well as a great presenter. He made his name on 4BH in Brisbane in the sixties. Grahame died at age 42 after a motor accident in Kaleen (ACT) on 26th October 1984. At the time he was programme manager for
Oct 1984 Thank you to Bob Whittaker.
Grantley Dee (3AK, 6PR, 7EX) Feb 2005 Grantley Dee was a blind announcer
Greg Haywood (2CA) Date Unknown
Greg ‘Hendo’ Henricks (2PK, 2AD, 2KM, 2MO, 2WS, 2SM, MIX 106.5, C91.3, Gold92.5/Sea FM) Mar 2009
Greg Hooper (4VL, 4LG, 4WK, 4LM, 4MK) July 2015
Greg Shackleton (3AW and HSV-7) Oct 1975
Greg ‘Snoop’ Walker (2LT, 2BE, 2DU, ABC Radio) 1980’s
Greg Toohey (2BE, 2ST) 1992
Grey Easterbrook (ABC 6WF Perth, ABC Radio Darwin) Aug 2014
Guy Blackmore (5AD, 5AA, TEN) Dec 1995
Gwen Plumb AM BEM (ABC, 2GB) June 2002
Hal Todd (3AK, 3DB) 1992
Harold Stickland (3GL) Date Unknown
Harry Beitzel (3KZ, 3AW, 3AK, ABC Radio) July 2017
Harry Jones (7HT, 7HO) Date Unknown Thank you to John Rogers
Harry Lithgow (GM 3SH) 1963 Harry Lithgow passed away in Swan Hill. Thank you to Ken Guy
Harry Wilde (3SR, 3CS, 3CV, 2QN, 2LF, 2AD, 3KZ, 3MP, 3UZ, 2KY, 2UW, 2WS)

Harry Wilde left Australia in 1993 whilst under investigation for sexual assault and was on bail at the time. He died in 1995, after falling off a roof whilst working as a roofer in Germany. He is buried in Bad Liebenzell, Germany under his false identity as William James Baker

Haydn Sargent (4BC, ABC 4QR) Feb 2013
Heather Lindhe (3BO, BCV 8, KLFM Bendigo) Apr 2018
Howard Ainsworth (ABC 4QR Brisbane, 4MBS) Sept 2015
Howard Craven  (2UE, 2UW, 2GB, 2CH, Seven) Oct 2000
Iain Edwards (4ZR, 4CA, 4BU, 4CD, 2KO, 2CS, 2GZ) Dec 2010
Ian Downs (ABC Radio North Coast NSW)
Ian Downs was well known in the Grafton area of the NSW North Coast for his involvement over two decades with the local Jacaranda Festival and the region’s Sports Star Of The Year awards.In his educational career Ian Downs had been principal of New England Girls’ School in Armidale and Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School in Tamworth
Dec 2017
Ian Lane (5KA, 2UW) Aug 2012
Ian Marshall (2WL, 2UE) July 2016
Ian Marshman (3HA, 3MA, 3LK, 7HT, 3BO, 2GB, 2KY, 5AA, 3KZ, 3TR, 3DB, 3UZ, 3AW, 3AK, 5KA, STV8, Nine Adelaide).

Ian Marshman was the father of DMG (Nova and Smooth) announcer and PD Ty Frost.

Nov 2011 Thank you to  Gregg Sinclair
Ian Ross (2GB, Nine and Seven) Apr 2014
Ian Sells (3HA, 5AU, 5RM, 4KQ, 5KA) May 2005
Ian Turpie (Nine, Seven, 3DB, 2CH) March 2012
Ian Vibart (2UW, Nine News) July 2013
Iven Walker (3XY,  2JJ, ABC News, UN Radio New York) Date Unknown Thank you to Rod McNeil
Ivor Hancock (3KZ, 2UW, 4BH, Co-founder AIR-TV Brisbane) 2002 Lived in Maleny QLD but may have passed away in Mackay.
Thank you to Ken Guy and John Knox.
Jack Davey (ABC 2BL, 2GB, 2UE) Oct 1959
Jack Hume (5DN, 5RM, 5KA, ABC Adelaide, 2BL ABC 702 Sydney)

Jack Hume was one of the first voices on radio in Adelaide when his father started broadcasting on an experimental licence in 1924. The family formed the company Hume Broadcasters which launched South Australia’s first station, 5DN. Jack’s mother Stella was the first female broadcaster in Australia in 1924. Jack’s brother was chief engineer.
Jack Hume also served with the Australian Infantry in World War 2.

Sunday Mail article appears here:

June 1989
Jack Ridley (Plenty Valley FM, Mixx FM/3CS Colac) 2008
James Condon (ABC Radio WA) Feb 2014
James Dibble AM MBE (ABC 666 2CN Canberra, 2GB, ABC 702 2BL Sydney, ABC-TV)

James Dibble joined the ABC after the Second World War. He started with 2CN in Canberra and presented the first ABC News Bulletin in November 1956. He was  ABC TV’s  nightly Newsreader in Sydney for 27 years.

James Dibble also served with the RAAF during World War II.

Dec 2010
Jamie Cammell (4HI, 4VL, 4LG, 4BU, 4LM, SEA FM,  Q-FM) Sept 2016
Jared Sheldon (Hitz FM, Rok FM/2PK, NXFM, Triple M) Apr 2013
Jaye Walton (5DN, TEN) Mar 2017
Jean MacKenzie (2RDJ Sydney) Apr 2018
Jeff Condron (2LF, 2KM, 2MC,  2LT) Jan 2017
Jeff Jeffrey (Alfred John Jeffrey) (6IX, ABC 6WF 720 Perth) June 2018
Jeff Medwell (ABC SA, 5DN, 5AA) July 2014
Jeff Sunderland (“Sundo”) (7BU, 7EX, 3BO, 3CV, 5SE, 3XY, 4BK, 5DN, 5AA, 5AD, 5MU) July 2018
Jerry Burke (Gerry Birkner) (3BA, 6KA,8HA, WILDFM, City FM) Dec 2015
Jesse Cox (FBi Radio Sydney, ABC Radio National, Audible Australia)

Jesse Cox was a Walkley Award-winning ABC Radio producer. He won the 2017 Innovation Walkley for ABC Radio’s Trace podcast with journalist Rachael Brown and Jeremy Story Carter. He was also one of the creators and executive producers of All the Best, FBi Radio’s nationally distributed documentary and storytelling program.

Dec 2017
Jill Singer (ABC Radio, Ten, Seven, ABC TV) Walkley Award Winner
Jill Singer’s Tribute appears here:
June 2017
Jillian Hocking (ABC Radio Gippsland, ABC RN, SBS, BBC, United Nations Media)

Jillian Hocking was the Training and Development Manager with SBS for a decade between 1995-2005 before accepting a role with the United Nations as head of Radio Broadcasting for the UN Mission in Afghanistan.

During her career she has trained hundreds, maybe thousands of journalists around the world, not only for the UN but also for the BBC. Locally many current and recent students knew Jillian from her time as the very involved and helpful Course Coordinator, Screen & Media (Broadcast Journalism) at Swinburne.

Her on air work started with ABC Radio in regional Victoria. She was also a former presenter of The Law Report.

Nov 2017
Jim “Woody” Wood (3AW, 3UZ, 3XY) March 1966
Jim (Shim) Berinson (3AK, 3KZ, Street Remley – Street Sounds Studios. The voice of “Happy Joe Happy”) Jan 2017
Jim Angel (2SM, 2UE, 2GB, 2CH) 24 Dec 2007
Jim Archer (3KZ, 3AW) Date Unknown
Jim Atkinson (6VA, 6PR, 6NR (Curtin Radio), Capital 101.7 Perth, TVW-7’s Captain Jim) March 2009
Jim Fitzgerald (4BU, 2DU) May 1985 Thank you to Brendan Atchison
Jim Iliffe (2NZ, 4IP, 4BC, 4BH, QTQ-9, Co-founder AIR-TV Brisbane) June 2005
Jim Lilburne (3SR, GMV 6) Nov 2007 Thank you to Neville Pellitt
Jim Ockenden (3AW, 2CC, 4BC)
Jim Ockenden became Chief Engineer at 4BC before the age of thirty.  Jim was tragically killed in a light plane crash in the US.
1993 Thank you to Wayne Mac
Jim Pilgrim (2GF, 2CC, 2NX, 4KQ, B105+) Apr 2015
Jim Sweeney (4BH, 4AM, 4BK, 4GR, 4AK) May 2002 Thank you to Paul Sweeney
Jim Tregonning (3AW, 2KY) Mar 2016
Jim Woods (3TR, 3SH, GLV10, 3GI ABC Gippsland) May 2015
Jimmy Tonkin (5KA, 5AU, 5RM Feb 2008
Joan Killorn (Co-Founder 2GLF Sydney 1983) Oct 2017
Jocelyn Terry (ABC Radio, 3LO Melbourne)
Jocelyn Terry alao presented the weekly “Calling Antarctica” segment over Radio Australia every Friday.
Oct 2007
Joe Sands (B105, Sea FM Gold Coast, Wave FM, 4MK) Mar 2016
Joel Grealy (2CC, 2WL, 2BE) Jan 2015
John (Johan) Ramsland (3AW, Founding Editor BBC World Service Television)
Ian Richardson’s Tribute to John Ramsland is
Nov 1996 Thank you to Ian Richardson
John (Warren) Dripps (3SH, 3BO, 7LA) Date Unknown
John Ballard (6KG) Date Unknown Thank you to Chris Ilsley
John Best (3KZ, 2UW) Date Unknown
John Bester (3WM, 979FM Melton) Aug 1984 Thank you to Dean Holloway
John Bright (Breit) (3AK, 3KZ, 3AW) 2013
John Burnley (7HT, 7HO, 7LA, 7EX, 2GB, 2UE, 2SM, 2CH, 6PM, 6PR, 6KY, 6IX, 2CC, 4BK, 4BC, 4BH, Star FM) Mar 2017
John Cargher AM (3KZ, 3XY, 3LO ABC Melbourne, Radio National, ABC-FM )

John Cargher was born Pinchas Cargher in 1919 in the Cockney area of London. He emigrated to Australia in 1951 and was manager of the National Theatre in St. Kilda from 1969 to 1989. He was awarded the Order Of Australia (AM) in 1987. He also presented ABC Radio’s Singers of Renown from 1966 to 2008.

Apr 2008
John Chance (4BK, ABC Radio) Jan 1980
John Crook (3CV, 3SH, BCV-8, TVT-6, TV-0 Brisbane, Nine) Sept 2015
John D’arcy (3AK, 3DB, Southern FM Melbourne, HSV 7, GTV 9) Date Unknown
John Dripps (2RG, 3SH) Date Unknown Thank you to Ken Guy
John Ennis (3DB, 6PM) Sept 2016 Photo thanks to Jules Bull.
John Ford (7ZL, 7BU, 7HO, 4RO, 4MK, 3DB, 3KZ, 3XY, 3UZ Newsbeat, 6IX)

After 3UZ, John moved to Perth and was reading news on 6IX. John also appeared in ads for Viscount Cigarettes

1995 Photo thanks to John Vertigan
John Goodall (Chief Engineer 3UZ) Sept 2016
John Hart (3AK, 3XY) Date Unknown
John Hobbs (WIN, 2 Double O, i98FM) Apr 2013
John Howgate (8DN, 1480 Auckland) 2002
John Innes (Engineer, RCA Australia, founder Innes Corp) Oct 2015
John Juan MBE (ABC 720 6WF, ABC TV)
Feb 1979 Thank you to Chris Ilsley
John K Watts (6PR, 6IX, 1080 Radiowest 6PM, TVW 7)

This is a great article about Wattsie and his career from WA TV History:

June 2017
John Lehman (6PR, 6IX and 6KY) Feb 1993
John Loughlin (7HT, 7HO) 2002
John Lyons (2WL, WIN 4) 1989
John Martin (John Rutter) (Nine, 6KY, 3UZ, 2CH & 2GB) Dec 2013
John Masters (3AW)

John Masters had one of 3AW’s most popular programs in the 1950s the request show “Choice Of The People”

Date Unknown
John McBeath (2LT, 2NM, 2NX, 4CCR Cairns FM, 8CCC Alice Springs, The Australian)
John McBeath started his radio career in New Zealand, where he was born in 1938. John had a love and intimate knowledge of jazz which led to a new career in the 90s as a music writer and reviewer with the Cairns Post, The Advertiser in Adelaide and ultimately The Australian.
March 2018 Thank you to Trevor Himstedt‎
John McCormack (4KQ, 2VM, 4NA,4MB, 2CC, 2CA, 4BC, 4TAB) Jan 2006
John Melouney (2KO, 2WG, 2CH, 2GB, 2UW, 2KY) Nov 2014 Thank you to  Geoff Brown
John Miller (Seven News, 2UE, 4BK, 4BC) Sept 2012
John Minson (2MO, 2TM, The Hoedown) Mar 2017
John Morehouse (96FM) Date Unknown Thank you to Murray Dickson and Mickey Dalton
John Pacini (3UZ News, TV Times)
John Pacini served in World War 2 and was also an author, writing several history books.
John Pearce (2KM, 2QN, 3SH, 7HO, 2GB, 2CH)


Aug 1996 Thank you to Wayne Mac
John Rix (4NA, 4GY, 4GG) Dec 2015
John Royle (3LO, Radio Australia) Dec 1975
John Ryan (3AR (RN), Chief Engineer 3AW)

John Ryan served on the HMAS Sydney in World War 1 and was the commanding officer of the Australian Special Wireless Group in World War 2 with the rank of Colonel.

Date Unknown
John Sheppard (2BE, 2MG, 2GZ, 2UW, 2GB, 2UE, CBN8, NRN11) March 2010
John Stokes (ABC Coast FM) Oct 2014 John Stokes worked for 29 years at ABC Coast FM
John Thompson (2LF, 2KO, 2SM, 2UE, 2UW, 3DB, BBC World Service) July 2017 Thank you to Wayne Mac
John Trenorden (5AA, 5AD) Feb 2004
John Turner (7BU, 7AD, 7EX, 2BE/2EC, TNT 9 Launceston) Oct 2001 Thank you to Leigh Kenworthy
John Vincent (2RE, 2NX, 2GB, 7HO, 6PR, 5AD, 5KA, SA-FM, 4TO, 5MU, 5MMM,) March 2009
John West (ABC Radio) July 2008
Johnny James (2LM, 4AK, 4BH, 4BC, QTQ9) 2011
Jon Ratso Kennedy (Fox FM, Triple M) July 2004
Jon Royce (2SM, 2UW, 3KZ, 3XY) 1984 Thank you to  Gregg Sinclair
Joyce Varley (3AW) Date Unknown
Keith Ashton (2HD, 2KO, 2NX, 2MG, Radio Caroline, ABC Radio) June 2008
Keith Eadie (2GB) Date Unknown
Keith Glover (ABC Radio Queensland, 3LO, Radio Australia)
Keith Glover began his career with ABC Radio in Queensland in 1947. He was a well known presenter on Radio Australia for many years and also presented a Ballroom Dancing program on ABC TV in the 1970s. He retired from the ABC in Melbourne in 1985
Feb 2006
Keith Graham (2GO, 2WS, WESGO) 1984
Keith Lord (2TM) June 2016
Keith Mc Gowan (3TR, 6PR, 2KA, 2UW, 3AK, 3AW+) Dec 2013
Keith Melbourne (3KZ, 3XY, 2REM) May 2016
Keith Wells (6PR) 1979 Thank you to Chris Ilsley
Ken Austin (3UL, 2GZ, 3SR, GMV 6, ONE FM Shepparton) Jan 2010 Ken Austin served with 9th Division in the Middle East, New Guinea and Tarakan (Borneo).
Ken Birch (2PK, 2DU, 2MG, 2VM/Now FM) Feb 2006
Ken Short (2HD, ABC Radio and TV Tasmania) June 2017
Ken Sparkes (2MG, 2GB, 3UZ, 5AD, 5KA, 3AK, 2UW, 2WS, 2SM, 2UE, TEN, Nine) Sept 2016
Kent Trussell (ABC 2JJ, 4AK) Oct 2016
Kev Batten (4IP, 4BC) Nov 2015
Kevin Apps (2PK & 5AU) April 1986
Kevin Cantelo (Chief Engineer 6KY) Kevin worked at 6KY from its inception in 1941 and retired in 1990. Dec 2010 Thank you to Warren Gillespie
Kevin Chapman (5AN ABC Adelaide, ABC Darwin, 2BL 702 Sydney, ABC Radio and TV Canberra)

This is the link to the Condolences from the Senate Hansard:;query=Id%3A”chamber%2Fhansards%2F1998-04-03%2F0001″

March 1998 Thank you to David Webb
Kevin Crease (5DN, 5AD, ADS7, NWS9) Apr 2007
Kevin O’Gorman (3KZ) Sept 1998
Kevin O’Donohue (2AD, 2DU, 2SM) May 2011
Kevin Woodhouse (4IP, 4QR) Aug 2002
Lachlan Macdonald (3KZ/KZ-FM, Gold 104.3 News Melbourne) Nov 2017
Laurie Bennett (Lobo) (3SR, 3HA, 3XY, 2SM, 2UW, 2DAY) 1983 Laurie Bennett was living in Shepparton but passed away in Fitzroy.
Thank you to Wayne Mac, Helen Dee  and Bernie Brittain
Laurie Henry (3AW, 6PR, 6PM, 6KY, 2AY, TNQ-7 Townsville, AMV-4 Albury) March 1980 Thank you to Kris Nyberg
Lawrence Costin (3DB, 3TT, Seven) 2007
Lee (Leyden) Haig (3SH, 3UL) Oct 2008
Lee Murray (Lee Murray Radio School) June 1984
Len Jackson (BBC, ABC WA)

Len Jackson Obituary is on this page:

Apr 2017
Len London (2UE, 2CH)
Len London served with the Australian Infantry Battalion in New Guinea during World War 2
Les Bradley (3CS, 5RM, 5AU, 3LK & 7LA) Oct 2012 Thank you to Phil Bradley
Les Hay (2UW, 2UE, 2SM, 2CH) Jan 2015
Les Rose (5AU, 5KA, 2CC, 2CA, 2GZ, 5MU, Hills FM Adelaide, Great Southern FM Victor Harbour)
Les also hosted the syndicated show ‘Hit File’ across Australia
Jan 2018
Lewis Bennett (3KZ, 3UZ) May 2001
Libby Sanders (Libby Widdup) (ABC 5CL and 5AN Adelaide, ABC Newcastle 2NC) Mar 2017
Lily Leaker (SAFM/Triple M Adelaide) Dec 2012
Lionel Lewis (6WB, 6KY, 6PM, 6IX) Aug 1986 Thank you to Warren Gillespie
Lionel Williams (5KA, 5DN, Seven, Nine) Jan 2016
Liz Jackson (ABC Radio National, Four Corners, Media Watch)
Liz Jackson joined ABC Radio in 1986. She has won nine Walkley Awards including the Gold Walkley in 2006
June 2018
Lloyd Lawson OAM (6PM, 6KY, 6KG, 3UZ, TVW-7, STW-9)
A tribute to Lloyd Lawson is here:
Nov 2004 Thank you to Ken McKay
Lloyd Tuohy (3SH)
Lloyd Tuohy managed the Swanline Drive-in at Swan Hill and was hired by Ken Guy for 3SH Breakfast
Date Unknown Thank you to Ken Guy
Lois Lathlean (3DB, 3AW, The Herald & Weekly Times ) Feb 1972
Lou Richards OBE (3XY, 3DB, HSV-7, GTV-9) May 2017
Mac Cocker (2JJ/Triple J, Radio Australia, Radio National, ABC Darwin) June 2016
Madeline Burke (Seven, 3UL, 3GG). Sept 2011 Photos thanks to John Vertigan
Mal Brentnall (PD 2WG)
Mal Brentnall was appointed PD of 2WG in the 1960s. For many years he was also actively involved with local rugby league and at the state level as a referee. During WWII he played football for the Autralian Army and Combined Services teams.
Date Unknown
Malcolm Gurd (2WAY FM Wauchope) Apr 2018
Margaret Rodgers AM (2CH)
Margaret Rodgers AM (18 December 1939 – 31 May 2014) was a prominent deaconess and lay-person in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Margaret served for many years on the NSW Council of Churches, and in 2008 was elected president, the first woman to hold this position.From 1997 to 2009 Margaret Rodgers was the writer and presenter of the weekly news program on 2CH on behalf of the NSW Council of Churches. She was awarded the Order Of Australia in
May 2014 Album Photo: thank you to Ramon Williams
Margaret Sewell (2LT, 2MO) Date Unknown
Margot (Marjorie) Parker DBE OBE MBE (7EX) Feb 1991
Mark Colvin (2JJ, ABC Radio, ABC TV) May 2017
Mark Downes (Engineer Foxtel/Sky Channel, Austereo, DMG/Nova ENT)
Mark Downes was Chief Technology Officer at Nova Entertainment Group and was also a board member of Commercial Radio Australia
May 2018
Martha Gardener (Kathleen Zoe Worrall) (3DB, 3AW, 3UZ) Feb 1991 Thank you to Simon Owens 3AW
Mary Hardy (3XY, 3UZ, 3AW, ATV 0, GTV 9, HSV 7) Jan 1985
Matt Ponsonby (2MG 2LT 2UW 2SM, 2CBA) Sept 2000 Matt Ponsonby  was a Blind Announcer. Originally from Campbelltown NSW
Matthew Ellis (2XL, 2CC, 2GN, 4VL, 4BU, 2MO/Triple G FM, 3SR, 2GB) 2001
Maurie Lockie (3BO, RAAF Radio Madang (PNG), ABC Radio Melbourne 3LO, 3AR, Radio Australia, 3RPH, 3GDR Golden Days Radio).

Maurice “Maurie” Lockie was also a  director of  ABC TV’s “Bellbird”.

July 2018
Maurie Service (3NE, 3TR, 3DB, 3XY, 4GG/4GGG, KROQ/Gold 92.5, 4CRB)

More on Maurie’s career here:

Apr 2018
Max Simmonds (ABC Radio WA) Jan 2016
Max Taylor (7AD, 3UL) 2010
Mel Cameron (5DN)

Mel Cameron was 5DN’s longest serving announcer until his retirement in 1976. He was the father of Grant Cameron from SA FM, Triple M and ABC 891 Adelaide

July 1986
Melody Iliffe (Welsh) (4BU, 4BH, QTQ 9)
Melody Welsh was the first female television Newsreader in Australia.
Photos thanks to David Iliffe
Sept 2017
Merv Stephenson (4LM, 4MB, 4RO) Date Unknown
Merylyn Condon (2CC) Jan 2016
Michael (Brian) Baker (2AY, 3NE, BCV-8,3AW, 2GB, ABC Radio, 2REM Albury) Feb 2015 Was known as Michael Baker but real name was Brian
Michael Schildberger (3DB, FOX FM, 3LO, 3AK, Nine) June 2010
Mike Ahern (Radio Caroline, 2UW, 4BC, 6PM, 3UZ, 2KO, 7HT, 4KQ) Oct 2009
Mike Dodd (6KG, 7EX, 4AY, 4TO) Sept 2012
Mike Gibson (2UE, 2GB, 2SM, 2KY, Nine) Sept 2015
Mike Moroney AM (2TM, 2MO, 2VM, GM NEN 9, Group GM Prime Television, NBN TV, Southern Cross TV)
Mike Moroney was a former Olympian, representing Australia in 1956, at age 23, competing in the long jump (known then as the broad jump). He was awarded the AM (Australian Medal) in 1999.
March 2015 Mike Moroney passed away in Tamworth NSW. He was born in Lismore in 1933
Monica Tehan (Monica Morgan) (3BA)
Monica Tehan joined 3BA in the early 1950s after winning a radio announcer competition during her final year at school. She later became one of the first accredited school drama teachers in Victoria.Monica Tehan once “stood in” in for the Queen, reading her speech at a rehearsal at the Botanical Gardens the day before Queen Elizabeth II visited Ballarat in 1954.
Jan 2018 Thank you to Trevor Himstedt
Monique Denahy (3UZ, 3GL, Bay FM) Nov 2015
Monty (Francis Victor) Blandford (3XY and 3DB) Oct 1960 Thank you to Ken Guy
Monty Menhennett (6IX, 6PM) 1990 Passed away in Albany WA
Mortimer Marsh (5AD) Feb 1982 “Morty” Marsh started at 5AD in 1944 where he remained until his retirement in 1974
Murray “Musty” Peters (2ST, 2RG, 2NZ) Apr 2015
Murray Avery (7AD, 7SD)
Murray Avery owned an ice cream shop in Launceston and used to drive to 7SD in Scottsdale, about an hour away to do his radio shift, then return to the store.
Dec 2012 Thank you to Chris Joscelyne
Murray Happ (2UW, 2UE, 2ME) Oct 2015
Murray Nicoll (ABC 5AN, 5DN, 3AW, Seven) May 2010
Nancy Lee (3AW)
Kathleen Mavourneen Lindgren took the professional name “Nancy Lee” when she joined 3AW in 1933. She married her 3AW co-star Cliff Nicholls Whitta (Nicky) in 1935. Prior to radio she was a renowned star of Australian Stage and screen. She was also the author of “Being A Chum Was Fun: The Story Of Nicky And Nancy Lee” published in 1979.
Date Unknown
Neil Humphrys (5AU, 5KA, 5AD, 5AA, 102FM Adelaide) Dec 2015
Neil Rudd (4BH, Monitor News, QRNS) July 2008
Neil Thompson (2GF, 3GL, 3NE, 3BA, 3KZ, 3UZ) May 2001
Neville Bradley (3UL, 3MA, 5AU, 5KA, SABN, 4BC) Nov 2013
Neville Grey (2UE, 2MO, Radio Netherlands) Date Unknown
Neville Wragg (3CS, 3CR, 3AK, 3AW, 3KZ) Oct 1997
Niall Brennan (3KZ, 3AW, ABC Radio, HSV 7)

Niall Brennan’s father was Frank Brennan, the Federal Attorney General in the Scullin Labor government of the late 1920s

July 2005
Nick Robin (4CA, 2HD, 2KY, Sky Racing)

2004 Thank you to Paul Covington
Nigel Dick AM (GTV 9, VBN/Southern Cross, 3AK, HSV7, 3DB/3LK, NZBC)
Nigel Dick was also one of the founders of Odyssey House Victoria. He was awarded the Order Of Australia (AM) in 1994.A Tribute to Nigel Dick appears on the following page:
March 2018
Niven Boyd (5YYY, 5AU, 5CS, Magic 105.9) Oct 2015
Noel McCormack (4MB, ABC, 4BU) Oct 2002
Nola Day (3CS, 3AW, 3KZ, 3DB, 3AK,  Radio Australia, 3MFM Inverloch) March 2008
Norm Llewellyn (4BH) July 2015
Norma Hatton (3GL K-Rock/Bay FM) June 2015
Norman “Eddie” Balmer (3KZ) Apr 2005
Norman Banks MBE (3KZ and 3AW) Sept 1985 Norman Banks started at 3KZ in 1931 earning four pounds a week.
Norman May (ABC Radio and TV) Sept 2016
Norman Swain (3KZ, GTV-9) July 1986
Ollie Martin (3TT/TT-FM) (Houseboat Horror) 2009
Orm Slater (Chief Engineer 3DB) Jan 2014
Ormsby Wilkins (2UE, 2GB, 3AW) Feb 1976
Owen Delaney (2LF, 2DoubleO, 2SM, 2GB, 2UE) Jan 2003
Paddy O’Donnell (2ZB (NZ) Radio Hauraki, 3DB/3LK, 4BC, 4WK) Aug 2009
Pat Barton (2LF, 2KO, 2HD) May 2007
Pat McErlean (ABC QLD, 4BC, 4TAB) Mar 2016
Pat O’Shea (4AK, 4GR, 4WK, 4KQ, DDQ TV, 4DDB) Sept 2015 Thank you to Trevor Himstedt
Pat Saunders (2MG, 2DU)

Feb 2015
Paul Barber (3AW, ABC 774) Nov 2012
Paul Bodington (612 4QR Brisbane, 4GR, 4LM, 4KZ) June 2005
Paul Bowles (Engineer Sea FM/Gold 92.5) May 2006
Paul Davies (2ST, 5DN, 7ZR ABC Hobart)

Paul Davies Tribute appears here:

Paul De Santis (8HA, 6SE, Radiowest 6VA) Jan 2015
Paul Dix (3MA, 2QN) Sept 2013
Paul Griffin (4ZR, 4KQ, Nine QLD) Mar 2013
Paul Hardy (4AK, 4GR, 2KO, Hardy Audio) Dec 2008
Paul Hussey 2RG, 2WG, 2LT, 2SWR, WOW FM Western Sydney Nov 2011 Thank you to Baz Anderson
Paul Linkson (5DN) June 2009
Paul Lyneham (2BL ABC 702 Sydney, Four Corners, Seven, 60 Minutes, The Australian)

Paul Lyneham won the 1977 Logie Award for Best Documentary for his ABC story on the Utah  Corporation’s open-cut mine in Queensland

Nov 2000
Paul Ramsay (Prime Radio Network) May 2014
Paul Sime (3SH, 3TR, 3XY, 3UZ) 2001
Paul Turner (Paul Simon/Paul Crampton) (2MG, 2DU, 2NZ, 2QN, 2GB, 2KA,3XY, 2SM, ABC TV Countdown) 1982 Paul Turner was the original voiceover on Countdown before Gavin Wood
Pedro (Peter) McHenry (2GF, 3UZ, 2CH) Oct 2015
Pete Davies (2AY, The River Albury, Mix 104.9 Darwin) Sept 2015
Peter Andren (2GZ, ATN7, Prime) Nov 2007
Peter Bernados (2GB, Nine, SBS) Jan 2014
Peter Buzzard (6PR, ABC, 96FM, TVW7) Jan 2017
Peter Carrodus (GM 2CA, Macquarie Network, 2MBS)

June 1994
Peter Carson (Chief Engineer 2BE/2EC) March 2002 Thanks you to Ian Wright
Peter Clarke (4KQ, 4BH) 1972 Thank you to Ken Guy – not the same Peter Clarke ex ABC 774
Peter Dean (6VA, 6PR, 6IX, 6KY, TVW 7, STW 9 Perth) Mar 2013
Peter Edwards (5DN, 5AA) Date Unknown
Peter Egan OAM (2MO, 2MW, ABC 4QR Brisbane, ABC-FM) March 2011
Peter Evans (3LO 774 Melbourne) 1985
Peter Harry (3DB, 3KZ, Gold104, MCM) Dec 2012
Peter Harvey (2GB, 2UE, BBC, Nine) March 2013
Peter James (3BA, 3AW, 3UZ, Magic 1278) 2009
Peter Jeppesen (ABC TV & ABC Radio) May 2014
Peter Kaye (4MB, 4BH, 2CA, 5DN, KA-FM, i98, 7LA, 7EX, 7HT) Jan 2016
Peter Leonard (2CA, ABC 2CN, ABC TV, WIN)

ABC Tribute to Peter Leonard is here:

Sept 2008
Peter Lucas (3MP) Feb 2015
Peter Luck (ABC 2BL, 2UE, Seven) Aug 2017
Peter McArthur (3BA, 7HO, ABC 774 3LO, Radio Australia, 3ECB Eastern FM) Jan 2017
Peter O’Callaghan (Poco) (3UL, 2KO, 7EX, 3KZ, 3XY, 3UZ, EON FM, 3MP, Magic 1278) Aug 2016
Phebe Irwin (B104.9, Wave FM  i98) Aug 2014
Phil Barnes (3GV, Gold 1242, 3SR/SUN-FM, 3TR) June 2013
Phil Charley OAM (AFTRS, 2QN, 3NE, 2CH)

Phil Charley was instrumental in training many of Papua New Guinea’s nascent announcers in the early 1970’s.

Aug 2014 Thank you to Denis Murrell
Phil Gibbs (7LA, 3KZ, ATV 0) Jan 2017
Philip Geeves OAM (2CH, ABC Radio)
Philip Geeves was the official historian and archivist of the AWA Network. He joined 2CH as a junior announcer in 1936. He served in the Middle East during World War II with the 2/5th Field Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery.He returned to AWA after the war and retired in the early 1970s but he continued to write over one hundred historical feature programs for ABC Radio. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 1980.
Ralph Bain (3UL, 3MA, 3BA, 5DN, 8DN, 2CC, 5AN Adelaide, ABC Canberra) Mar 2014
Ralph Elphinstone (ABC Radio Albury, Rockhampton, ABC TV Sydney, Melbourne) 1983
Ralph Taylor (First GM 4NA and 4GG, GM 2CC) Dec 2015
Ray Barrett (4BH, 4KQ, ABC Radio) Sept 2009
Ray Bird (4TO)

Ray Bird was a long time announcer on 4TO but had also appeared in ABC radio dramas including “My Tale Is Told”, “Mr Brown” and “The Wisdom’ . He also wrote  “On Stage with Ray Bird” a regular magazine column on life in North Queensland.

Feb 2015 Thank you to Colin Morgan
Ray Currie (4WK, 2AY) Sept 2015
Ray Gamble (2SM, 2RG, MTN9, AMI Network) Dec 2011
Ray Grice (3AW) Date Unknown
Ray Holman (6GE, 6PM, 6PR, Nine Perth) March 2011 Thank you to Chris Ilsley
Ray McGregor (4BH 4IP 4BK, B105) Oct 1997
Ray Taylor (2GN, ATN 7, ATV 0 & TEN, 3AW, 2BL)

Ray Taylor was also co-host of Australia’s first TV breakfast show, Channel Seven’s Today in the late 50s with Peggy Toppano.

July 2011
Rebecca Tynan (Aust Traffic Network, Fairfax Radio Network, Macquarie Media) Nov 2015
Rebecca Wilson (Smooth 95.3, TEN, Seven, News Ltd, Fox Sports, Sky News) Oct 2016
Reg Grundy (2SM, 2CH, RG Capital Radio) May 2016
Reg James (Grace Gibson) July 2015
Rhett Walker (2UW, 6PR, 3DB, 3AK, 3KZ, First GM FOX-FM) Dec 2012
Ric Plant (Turf Talk 3UZ) Feb 2015
Richard (Rick) Weston (5DN, 5KA, 5AN ABC Adelaide, 5CL (RN) ABC-FM) Aug 2017 Rick Weston passed away in Vancouver Canada, where he had been living since his retirement in the late 80s
Richard Combe (3LO, 3MP, 3DB, 3AW, 3AK, Fox FM) 1995
Richard Marsland (PBA-FM Adelaide, SA-FM, Triple M, Fox-FM ) Dec 2008
Richard Peach (ABC Radio, ABC TV) Dec 2008
Richard Winter (5AU, 2AY/River, 5AD, Mix 102.3, Nova/Vega) July 2013
Rick Palmer (ABC, 5UV, 5RPH) Sept 2016
Rob Astbury (2VM, 3SR, 3CV, 7EX, 3TR, 3AK, 3DB, ATV 0, GTV 9)

Rob Astbury was the recipient of an unprecedented ten VFL/AFL media awards and two Logie nominations for his sports reporting.

Nov 2017
Rob Jackson (5RM, 5AU, 3HA, 2QN, 2BE/2EC, 2WG) Apr 2017
Rob Maynard (2TM, 3KZ, 3DB, 3UZ, 3MP, 7HT, 6IX, 6KY, 6PM, 2GB, 2AY, 2CA, 2HD, 2CH, 2DAY, 2GO, 963Coast FM ) Feb 2015
Robbie Snowden (6IX, 4GG)
A really great tribute and messages from icons of the Australian Entertainment industry are here:
Dec 2009 Robbie Snowden was also a talented singer and all-round entertainer who released several singles that charted around Australia.
Robert Taylor “Pommy Bob” (2UE) Apr 2016
Robin Howells (3TR, The Age, Nation Review) Aug 2015 Thank you to  Ken Guy
Rod Batchelder (3CV, 3GL, 3DB, 3LK, 2NX, 2KY) May 1989
Rod Tiley (4AM, 4CA, 4IP, 4BK/B105 Triple M, 6PR) July 2016
Rod White (5AD, 5DN, TEN Adelaide, Seven News, Fleurieu FM) Jan 2018
Roger Bush OBE (2CH)

Reverend Roger Bush OBE (1918–2000) was a British-born Australian Methodist minister. He devised and hosted Connections, a three-hour talkback program on 2CH. Rev. Bush wrote a popular column for the Sydney Sun newspaper for 12 years.  He also served with the RAAF in World War 2.

Roger Dowsett (SABN, 5AU, 5RM, 5KA) July 1976
Roger East (ABC 774 3LO Melbourne, ABC TV, AAP)

Roger East was killed in East Timor while reporting for ABC Radio’s The Correspondents Report. Roger was the sole remaining foreign reporter in East Timor.

Roger Lloyd (PBS-FM, Casey Radio 3SER 97.7) July 2017
Roly Barlee (3UZ, 3AW, 3AK, 3XY)

Roly Barlee was also an accomplished actor appearing on stage, in  films and TV including playing the part of the Coroner in the first episode of Homicide in 1964.

Date Unknown Thank you to Paul Nicholson
Ron Atholwood (3KZ) May 1967
Ron Cadee (3YB, 3KZ, 3DB, 3UZ, 3AK, QTQ9) 2004
Ron Collett (2UW) June 2015
Ron Euling (3NE, 3SR, GMV 6, GM  Associated. Broadcasters, 98.5 Pulse FM Shepparton) Sept 1998 Thank you to Graeme Macartney
Ron Gibson (2MO, 2NX, 2KO) Date Unknown
Ron Haig-Muir (6GE, 2WG, 2QN, 2LF, Vice-President FARB)

Ron started his radio career as an announcer and copywriter at 6GE Geraldton in 1936 and later joined 2WG in Wagga Wagga where he was appointed Sales Manager in 1945. In 1947 he set up his own company which was built into Melbourne’s largest independent special radio sales operation.

In 1955 he bought 2QN Deniliquin in partnership with E. V. Roberts, taking control and operating as adjunct to the Melbourne sales activities.

In 1969, he became Executive Director of Riverina Broadcasters (2WG) and subsequently added 2LF Young to the company. Ron Haig-Muir was also a Vice President of the industry body FARB, the predecessor to Commercial Radio Australia and inducted into the Commercial Radio Hall of Fame in 2002.

April 2004
Rosemary Margan (GTV 9, 3KZ, 3AW)

Rosemary Margan was a winner of six national water skiing titles and was also one of John Laws’ beauties on TEN’s Beauty and The Beast. Rosemary was married to 3AW Broadcaster Neil Mitchell’s brother Ross.

Dec 2017
Ross Warneke (3AW, The Age)
Ross Warneke was a renowned newspaper journalist, television critic and commentator with The Age newspaper from 1971 to 2006 and from 1995, 3AW presenter and producer of The Neil Mitchell program and was at the helm of the show for the big news stories of recent decades, including the Port Arthur massacre and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.Ross covered many genres of journalism for major city newspapers including the Sydney Morning Herald, International newspapers, and international broadcasters such as the BBC and European media organisation.A tribute to Ross Warneke from The Age appears here:
Aug 2006 Thank you to  Libby Warneke
Ross Weekes (2PK, 4CA, 2WG, 2GB) July 2014
Roy Tingay (4BC, 3AK, 2SM, 3KZ, 4BH, 2NX, 2KM, 8HA, 5MU, NBN TV, ABC Grafton)

Roy Tingay served in Tobruk and New Guinea with the Australian Army in World War 2.

Roy’s tribute from the Courier Mail appears here:

Oct 2010 Thank you to Ian Wright and Trish Tingay
Royston Squires (2GB) Date Unknown
Russ Tyson (4BC, 4KQ, 4QR) Sept 2014
Sam Kronja (2UE, 2SM, 2CH, 6PM, 6IX, Seven Perth) Feb 2001 Thank you to Wayne Mac
Sean Flannery (6KY, 2UE 2SM, 2GB, TEN) Nov 2011
Sel Jones (2KO, 2KA, 2UW, 3KZ) 1990
Selwyn Jones (2KO, 3KZ) Date Unknown
Shane McFarlane (6KA Karratha, 2CA, KO-FM, Mix 94.5 Perth) Oct 2015
Shirley Bowie (3CS) July 2015
Sir Eric Pearce OBE (2CH, 3XY, 3DB, 5KA, 3AK, Nine) 1997
Sir Keith Seaman OBE (Chairman SABN – 5KA, 5AU, 5RM) June 2013 Thank you to Ian Wright
Stan Gervas (6KG, 6PM, 2CH, 2GB, 6IX)
A Tribute to Stan Gervas is here:
Apr 2010 Thank you to Ken McKay
Stan Rofe (7AD, 3AK, 3XY, 3KZ, 3UZ, 3DB, KZ-FM) 2003
Stan Zemanek (1410 CFUN Vancouver, 2UW, 4TO, 2WS, 2UE, 2GB, 3AW) July 2007
Stephan Kent (8DN, 4AY, 4TTT, My105FM Mackay, Murri FM Mackay) June 2012
Stephen Stickland (3DB, 3GL, 3UL, 3YB) Apr 2017
Steve Andrews (Nine Brisbane, 4BU, B105, 4BC/4BH) March 2008
Steve Cairns (6PR, 2KY, 4BC, RSN, 4TAB) Nov 2015
Steve Kelly (Austereo) Jan 2014
Steve O’Shea (2WG, 3HA, 3NE, 2GF, 2NM, 2VM) July 2017
Steve Swadling (GM 2GN) Dec 2012
Steven Alward (SBS, ABC Radio and Television)
Steve Alward had a distinguished career of more than 25 years at the ABC as a reporter, producer and editorial manager, which included senior roles as Head of International News, Head of Policy and Staff Development and Head of Radio National.
Jan 2018
Strat (Stratford) Ward (2LM, 2NZ, 2LF, 2GZ, CBN 8, MidState Television/Prime) Sept 2001
Stuart Matchett (4ZZ/4ZZZ, Double J, Network PD Triple J, ABC DiG, ABC Jazz, ABC Country)

A great tribute to Stuart Matchett from Midnight Oil’s Peter Garrett is here:

Apr 2018
Stuie (Stewart) McInnes (4TO, 2MW, 4BC, 4QN ABC North Queensland)

Stu started his career recording shows for Ipswich and Capalaba Drive-ins from a studio in Brighton, Brisbane. Before his first job at 4TO he worked at the Record Market in Brisbane and at one stage was a furniture removalist.
Stewart McInnes was also the host of ABC Radio’s “On This Day”

Feb 2010 Thank you to Ren Zwiers
Sue McAlister (ABC Radio, Radio Australia, BBC, The Herald Melbourne)
Sue McAlister was the producer of the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs program Newshour, which had a worldwide audience of several million.
She was also the recipient of two United Nations Media Peace prize.
Jan 2012
Ted Furlong (3BA, 6VA Albany) Date Unknown
Terry Dear (2GB, 2UE, 3KZ, 3AW, 4BH, Nine, Seven) June 1995
Terry Harkins (2NZ) Date Unknown
Terry Helgesen (2WAY FM Wauchope)

Terry Helgesen was a life member of Hastings Community Radio 2WAY FM in Wauchope. He joined the station before it went to air, during the licence application process in the 1980s and was a presenter until 2011.

Nov 2017
Terry Hughes (Seven, BBC, ABC Radio & Television) Nov 2014
Terry Kerr (4LG, 4TO, 4BC, 4WK, 2GO, 4GR, 4IP, Stereo Ten ‘Morning Zoo’, 4AK, Power FM Toowoomba) July 2017
Terry Moore (2 Double O, WIN TV) Date Unknown
Terry O’Sullivan (ABC Radio, The Age) Apr 2018
Terry Pickles (PBA-FM) Jan 2014
Tiga Bayles (98.9 Brisbane, Radio Redfern, National Indigenous Radio Service) Apr 2016
Tim Franklin (7HT,6KY, 2KO, 4CA, 4BC) Nov 2015
Timi Arnott (4CA, Sea FM, Nova100, KISS FM Melbourne) Oct 2013
Tom Crozier (2KA, 2KM, 2LT, 2LM, 2WL, 2SSR, 2RPH, 2UE, FARB & RMB) Sept 2010
Tony Barnett (ABC RN)
Professor Tony Barnett, was Emeritus Professor of Zoology at the Australian National University, presenter of  ABC RN’s Science Show and a record 31 Ockham’s Razor talks on ABC Radio National, died in 2003 at the age of 88.
June 2003
Tony Charlton OAM (3AW, 3UZ, 3KZ, Nine, Seven) Dec 2012
Tony Dickinson (2RE, 2KY, 4BH, 2UW, 2UE, TEN)

Tony Dickinson started his career as a cadet journalist at 2RE Taree.

Sept 2014
Tony Evans (ABC Radio and TV WA)
Tony Evans was born in the UK and migrated to Australia in 1961. He joined the ABC in Perth, working as a presenter, reporter, writer and producer for television and radio. During this time, he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship. Tony Evans was also the first host of the ABC-TV WA edition of “Today Tonight”.
Jan 2018 Tony Evans passed away in the UK, where he had been living for a number of years.
Tony Gordon (5SE, 5AU, 5KA, 2UE, Seven, QTQ9) 2001
Tony Joyce (ABC Radio AM PM, ABC TV This Day Tonight)

Tony Joyce was killed in Zambia while reporting for the ABC. He was posthumously awarded the Media Peace Prize by the United Nations Association

Tony McLaren (3CV, 7EX, 3UZ, 2UW) 1967
Vaughan Harvey (Vaughan Harvey Radio School Adelaide, 5KA, 5AD, 5AA) Jan 2015
Vern Haycroft (3YB, 3SR, 3UL, 3CS) July 1992
Vernon Turner OAM (Founder Christian Broadcasting Association 2CBA/Hope 103.2).

Rev Vernon Turner established the Christian Broadcasting Association Limited (CBA), a non-profit organisation that supplied free programs  to radio stations. Sydney’s Hope 103.2 started broadcasting as 2CBA FM in March 1979.

2006 Album photo – thank you to Ramon Williams
Vi Greenhalf (3XY, 3AW, GTV 9) Dec 1999 Vi Greenhalf and her husband owned the well known Melbourne Restaurant The Walnut Tree
Vic Braham (5DN) May 2005
Vic Davies (Club Veg, Triple J, 2WS, 2SM, Triple M, MIX 106.5, Star 104.5) Nov 2009
Vince Curry (4GR, 4BC)
Vince Curry was one of Australia’s best known racecallers. He started at the age of 17 on 4GR and in 1960 moved to 4BC. He also called boxing and Olympic events including Munich in 1972.Australia’s richest maiden race for greyhounds, the Vince Curry Memorial has been run in Ipswich since 1985.A tribute to Vince Curry by Paul Dolan from Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club is here:
Feb 1983
Vincent Smith MBE (2UE, 2GB, 5DN, 5AA, Seven News, The Australian, National Times)
Vincent Smith was awarded the MBE in 1980
April 1991
Wally Chamberlain (Engineer 3XY, 3DB) 2008
Walter “Wally” Grant (2KY, 2KA, 2LT, 2BS, 2DU) 1961 Thank you to Ian Wright
Walter Eastman OAM (ABC Radio Tasmania, ABC PM, The Mercury Hobart)
Wal Eastman was born in Sydney, and joined the ABC in 1945, working in several states and Papua New Guinea as well as become the first Canberra reporter for PM before moving to the ABC in Hobart in 1973. He later became Assistant State Manager until he retired at age 55.In 2010 He was awarded an OAM for his service to the performing arts and to the Tasmanian community. Walter Eastman was also the long time theatre reviewer for The Mercury newspaper in Hobart.
Jan 2018 Wal Eastman was born in Sydney in 1928
Thank you to Nick Weare
Ward “Pally” Austin (2KA, 2UE, 2UW, 2WS) Aug 1998
Warren Pain (8DN, 8TOP-FM Darwin)
Warren Pain was also a thoroughbred horse owner/trainer and the first newsreader on Darwin’s NTD 8 Television
Warren Tansley (7HT, 2GN, 3HA, 3AK July 1976
Warwick Rankin (Wazza The Rock Dog, Commander Strongarm) (2MMM and TEN) Jan 2015
Warwick Teece (2HD, 2NX, 2KO) Feb 2012
Wayne Gear (2BH/Hill FM) Aug 2015
Wayne Wilson (4RO, 4BC, RadioTAB) June 2014
Wyburn Taylor (6KG, 6IX, 6KY, 6PM, 6PR)
Wyburn Taylor was one of 6PR’s original Good Guys in 1964
1997 Thank you to Wayne Taylor
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Tess Lawrence 

Independent Australia

June 2018

THE FINAL DEADLINE came for journalist Barry Everingham on the morning of 4 June 2018.

Overcome by cancer and pneumonia, he had declined further medical treatment.

His son Dougal said he

… passed away quietly…. he was ready to go and had made his peace.

Indeed he had. His was a volatile and adventurous life, flamboyant, noisy and vociferous. But away from the madding crowd he invariably assembled, was a surprisingly quiet and reflective man. In his end days more so because he was physically constrained by illness. It was a blessing that his mind remained agile and noncomformist; his default position.

A blisteringly funny, at times viperish and compelling raconteur, Barry could – and did – speak on any topic, invited or no. He was a born storyteller, a restless buccaneer scribe, an intellectual chameleon with the gift of the gab who easily drifted to and fro the hoi polloi, the royal, the posh and the would-be-if-they-could-be types.

Barry Everingham can be described as the ultimate name dropper and with good reason! After a lifetime in the media he has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, covered many major events and in his spare time has played with the rich and famous.

His beat has been Australia, England, the United States, Spain, most of Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, The Phillipines – he even travelled to Moscow on the trans Siberian Express and covered Christina Onassis’ first wedding

Years later an American TV network sent him to London for the wedding of Prince Edward to Sophie Rhys Jones. The old Melbourne Herald had him go to John Elliott’s marriage to Amanda Bayles at St Johns Toorak. At the other end of the scale he was at Joyce Grenfell’s Memorial Service in Westminster Abbey.

Everingham’s career took him to the ABC, Australian United press, Murdoch’s Australian papers, the News Limited bureaux in Canberra and London.

He was a political commentator for Channel 10, Sydney’s Radio 2UE, Melbourne’s 3AW and 3UZ, he was Canberra “stringer” for UPI and the Hindustan Times of New Delhi.

For most of the 1980’s he was Mode magazines “mouth from the south” and his column “Everingham’s High Life in the Deep South” became a must read.

In New York, he became the “royal guru” for MSNBC, Extra! and Court TV, appearing on the late Johnnie Cochran’s law show.

In 1985 he wrote, and Bantam published, the unofficial biography of the royal renegade, Princess Michael of Kent: “MC, the Adventures of a Maverick Princess”.

He has been covering the comings and goings of the British royal family since 1979 and has become an acknowledged “royal watcher”, a description he hates.

He believes his foray into reporting came about by a throw away in his final year at school. In a round robin class discussion he swayed off the beaten track and injected an opinion on a subject not on the agenda. His teacher sighed deeply and said: “Everingham, your mind is a cess pool of trivia, you really should be a reporter!”.

He was commanded to dance with former Phillipines first lady Imelda Marcos at a party given in Sydney by Lady (Mary) Fairfax.

He says: “A huge colonel from Imelda’s entourage approached me and said ‘the first lady of The Phillipines would like to dance with you’. I took it more as a command than a request!”

Queen Elizabeth told him to be as “naughty as you like” when at a party on board “Britania” in Kuwait Harbour , the monarch quizzed him about the new palace of the Sultan of Oman where had met the Omani ruler a week earlier.

He met Princess Margaret at the house of one of her European royal cousins and they often met on many later occasions.

In London, Princess Alexandra recalled meeting Barry’s wife, Avril, at a Government House lunch. “Please give her my love”, the Princess said “and tell her I still remember that pretty red hat she wore at lunch”.

Barry recalls two early brushes with celebrity – his grandmother, the beautiful Sydney identity, Mrs John Henderson Jay, took him for afternoon tea with Gladys Moncreif, a musical comedy star of yesteryear.

In Perth, where he and his mother were holidaying, they encountered Dr H. V. Evatt in the foyer of their hotel.

“Bert Evatt walked over to my mother, kissed her on the cheek and said: ‘how lovely to see you. And this boy is your son?'”

“I was blown away,” he admits.

And in the great Depression, his parents took in Jill Perryman’s parents and sister – and a life long friendship developed. Jill’s sister, the late Dianna Perryman was famous actor, their mother Dot, a stunningly beautiful J C Williamson “show-girl” and father Bill, an actor, singer and radio indentity.,11576

Barry Everingham


Jack Hume was one of the first voices on radio in Adelaide when his father started broadcasting on an experimental licence in 1924. The family formed the company Hume Broadcasters which launched South Australia’s first station, 5DN. Jack’s mother Stella was the first female broadcaster in Australia in 1924. Jack’s brother was chief engineer.
Jack Hume also served with the Australian Infantry in World War 2.

Jack is listed as working at 5DN, 5RM, 5KA, ABC Adelaide, 2BL ABC 702 Sydney

Sunday Mail (Adelaide) June 1989:

Jack Hume 1989


VINCE CURRY 4GR, 4BC – 1929-1983

By Paul Dolan – Ipswich Greyhound Racing Club

Australia’s richest maiden race for greyhounds is the Vince Curry Memorial.

This glamour event was first run at the Ipswich Showgrounds track in 1985.

It was won by Katie’s Lad, trained by Peter Coleman. Since then, many winners have gone on to become household names of greyhound racing, including Mick Ivers’ Captain Standby in 1992, Gary Ralph’s Classy Marcy 1994, Mick Abbott’s Token Prince 1997 and Paul Felgate’s Just the Best in 1999.

Most people who follow the event have probably heard of Vince Curry, but know little about him.

Known as racing’s Mr Nice Guy, Vince Curry had a passion for the `’Sport of Kings” and radio broadcasting which was seldom rivalled.

Born at Oakey, near Toowoomba, in 1929, Vince was captivated by racing at an early age. He used to do phantom calls of races, and was noticed doing this as a teenager. He became course commentator at the Toowoomba gallops when aged 16. Upon leaving school at age 17, he joined local radio station 4GR, and made his mark as an announcer and commentator before transferring to Brisbane in 1960 to replace the retiring gallops caller, Ron Anwin.

At radio 4BC, and through radio stations Australia wide, Vince became a household name and instantly recognised voice.

As well as his horse racing descriptions, Vince also excelled at describing a variety of sports, including Davis Cup tennis, test cricket. Olympic Games track and field and swimming, and one of his main loves – boxing.

Vince had a dry sense of humour, and it was during one of his boxing broadcasts at Brisbane’s Festival Hall that a funny incident occurred.

Vince was seated ringside at a table with fellow commentator, John McCoy. At the conclusion of the bout, Vince stepped up onto the table to hoist himself into the ring to interview the winner. But the table collapsed, and Vince crashed to the floor and broke a collarbone. As McCoy escorted him to an awaiting ambulance, Vince declared – `’they should ban boxing, it’s too dangerous.”

Vince called athletics at the 1972 Munich Olympics. He called an Australian gold medal winning performance, only to find out that the radio broadcast line to Australia had gone dead. Bear in mind this was back in an era when there was no live television coverage of the Olympics. People back home were glued to their radios in the wee hours of the morning, awaiting the various sporting descriptions. Vince didn’t even have a recording of that gold medal race. He had, as fate would turn out, called what he considered the greatest call of his career to one person – himself !!

You may ask – why would a leading greyhound club like Ipswich pay such respect to Vince Curry via its big maiden event ? After all, Vince never called greyhound racing.

The reason is, that when the Ipswich G.R.C. was attempting to obtain a Saturday night racing license in the early 1980s, the club had to be able to guarantee radio broadcasting to the TAB. Vince Curry, as sporting director of radio 4BC, went out of his way to ensure that this happened. Stations 4BK (now B 105) and 4KQ had broadcast the Gabba dogs, but weren’t interested in taking on greyhound broadcasts on a Saturday night.

Vince saw the addition of a greyhound meeting to 4BC’s already popular Saturday night harness race broadcasts as a good mix, and convinced management to support Ipswich. The foundation Ipswich committee, under president Ted Meehan, was forever grateful to Vince for what he did for the club. Curry attended the opening race meeting at the Ipswich Showgrounds in May, 1982.

Vince did enjoy a night at the greyhounds, and on occasions, was the guest starter for the annual Celebrity Hurdle race at the old Gabba track.

During the Brisbane Commonwealth Games of 1982, I called a few Doomben and Eagle Farm race meetings, deputising for Alan Thomas who was involved in Channel Nine’s coverage of the Games. During that period, I worked alongside Vince Curry. He told me that his back had been playing up for a while, and friends had convinced him to go and have it checked. He did so, and was diagnosed with inoperable bowel cancer. Vince passed away four months later, in February, 1983, aged 54.

It is with a sense of pride that I get the opportunity to call the Vince Curry Memorial series here at Ipswich. But it’s always done with some sadness. Each year, I remember a wonderful man at this time.

Vince was a bachelor all his life. I once asked him why he never married, and he said: `’I’m married to racing.” Indeed he was.

(Bottom Right Vince Curry with Wayne Wilson and John McCoy – 4BC 1974)

 4BC 1974 sport


Stuart Matchett, played a pivotal role in public broadcasting

By Peter Garrett

The Sydney Morning Herald 12 April 2018

Stuart Matchett 2JJ 1978

Chances are if you were a young person listening to ABC youth radio from the mid-1970s onwards a few distinctive voices would have stood out. And from the 1980s onwards, chances are most of the music you heard was overseen by one of those voices, Stuart Matchett.

A foundation presenter at 2JJ and then Triple J, also serving as program director and acting general manager, Matchett possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of post-war popular music. He became network program director at ABC Digital Radio and was widely respected for his pivotal role in the development and growth of public broadcasting in Australia.

He died peacefully on April 4, following an extended, valiant battle with cancer. No one was drawn into the epicentre of his struggle; instead, he projected a calm, cheerful demeanour throughout – no small achievement.

The eldest son of Victor, a clinical psychiatrist, and Cecily Matchett, he grew up in the inner Brisbane suburb of Indooroopilly. From an early age his love, bordering on obsession, of music stood out.

The advent of LP records, which he collected in great number, played on a bulky, primitive device known as a gramophone, and his grandmother’s gift of a radio, set the compass.

Hardly religious, he enjoyed singing in the local Presbyterian church youth choir. A drum kit, played loudly every day in his bedroom, later given to Go Between’s drummer Lindy Morrison, completes the picture.

In his teens, Matchett formed the group the Ides of March with local mates, and at school, took every opportunity to perform in drama productions. Later excursions into theatre followed, including a co-written play, Stuff A Duck.

Matchett abhorred violence of any kind. The signs were there early. As a young boy he refused to play the shoot ’em up childhood game, Cowboys and Indians. His secondary education was at Brisbane Boys’ College, where he sought refuge from school cadets to play drums in the school pipe band.

Attending the University of Queensland from 1968 to 1972, Matchett was active in radical politics and well known in the Brisbane arts and music scenes. This was the era of the Bjelke-Petersen government, where civil liberties were given scant regard. Matchett and fellow students were on the streets, among the first to call out the deficiencies of the regime. At night, he could be found searching out live music in clubs such as El Rancho and Foco at Queensland Trades Hall, run at that time by a collective that included the youth branch of the Communist Party.

Despite graduating with a science degree and armed with a teaching diploma, he managed only one year instructing students in maths and science in a small town in Central Queensland, before heading to the bright lights of London in 1974 to immerse himself in theatre studies. But this also was to be a relatively short stay.

At that time there were few opportunities for young Australians to access new music and ideas springing up, both overseas and on home soil, following the massive opposition to the war in Vietnam, and the explosion in youth culture that followed.

The Whitlam government, elected in 1972, had determined to address the issue of public broadcasting, and the University of Queensland student’s union was a vigorous proponent for specific public radio stations for young people.

Jim Beatson, one of the founders of 4ZZZ, observed that Matchett was the person who “more than any other”, popularised the idea of a radio station with a radical and satirical bent, that was fun to listen to because of the music it played, with content supported by professional journalists. This vision informed the student union’s submission to government, and the subsequent granting of public radio licenses around the country, and was synchronous with the establishment by the ABC of a new youth radio station, 2 Double Jay.

Matchett returned from London in 1975 to take up a position as one of four full-time announcers employed on the original 4 Double Z station, which later became 4 Triple Z FM, the first community stereo FM rock station of its time. He possessed a friendly radio voice and could draw on his exhaustive knowledge of music to enlighten the listener.

Matchett was lured to Sydney in 1978 to take up a position as a foundation announcer at Double Jay. He later became program director of Triple J and held that position when the station went national. He was central in devising the new music policy at Triple J. The changes to a more structured format saw Triple J increase its reach and popularity, a state that remains to this day.

One colleague wrote of Matchett in this period, “He was the epitome of calm, and in the face of a crisis he showed us that thoughtfulness would always lead you to the right thing to do and that good humour would always disarm aggression.”

From the very beginning Matchett was a passionate supporter of local music and up-and-coming bands, including Midnight Oil. He was the first person to consistently champion the Saints classic I’m Stranded, but there were many others – including Mental As Anything, the Models, XL Capris, Dragon, the Warumpi Band and Paul Kelly – that he supported early in their career. It was not uncommon to come off stage and encounter an enthusiastic Matchett referencing the songs, gently critiquing or praising the performance, and then giving a quick thumbs up and disappearing into the night.

Following a brief stint in commercial radio, in 2002 he returned to the ABC to manage the introduction of three new digital stations, playing jazz, country and rock, with the rock station reborn as Double Jay. He’d come full circle in a career he called “the most fantastic job in the world”. Overseeing a challenging technical operation, while at the same time programming the playlists for each station, was an extraordinary achievement, marvelled at by radio professionals, and yet carried out, typically, with wit and quiet determination.

In 1987 Matchett married noted comedian and writer Angela Webber, the marriage produced two daughters, Lily and Sally. Following her death from cancer in 2007, Matchett was a diligent single dad in what was a difficult time, a constant presence at sports days, all the time curating playlists that he tested on his daughters – their home, like his at their age, filled with music.

In 2012 he married Angela Conry, a member of the winning Australian women’s masters rowing crew in Sydney 2009 and Turin 2013, who nursed him with great compassion until he died.

Peter Garrett

12 April 2018

MAURIE SERVICE – Gold Coast Radio Icon

Originally from Melbourne where he attended Melbourne Boys High, Maurie Service studied voice production at the Lee Murray School of Broadcasting while working casually at 3XY.

After the course he joined the advertising (sales) department at 3DB, but Maurie’s first full time position on air was on 3NE calling football in the Ovens & Murray League, he moved to 3TR before joining 3KZ and in the late 60s moved to the Gold Coast.

In his time at 4GG/4GGG he was on air, did news and sport and later moved into sales where he stayed until joining community station 4CRB.

Maurie Service was also an accomplished Double Bass player, playing in bands in Melbourne and regional Victoria and also had his VFL Umpire’s ticket.

Maurie Service 4GG 1968


NIGEL DICK 1948-2018

Nigel Dick was born 15th March 1928 in the UK, and immigrated to Australia in the late 1940s.

A media veteran with experience spanning back to 1948, Nigel Dick AM, has passed away aged 89. He spent his life heavily involved in Melbourne and Victorian TV & Radio industry including as sales manager at GTV 9 in the 1950s rising to the rank of General Manager of GTV 9 Richmond which was owned by media baron Frank Packer which in the 1960s acquired 3AK.

He later became Managing Director of the Victorian Broadcasting Network (VBN) and was instrumental in the name change of VBN to Southern Cross.

In 1969/70 Nigel accepted the role of Director of Television and Broadcasting for the Herald and Weekly Times Ltd and Chairman of HSV7 where he had responsibility for chairing the 3DB/3LK board.

From 1978 to 1986 he took on the role of NZ Broadcasting Corporation and in 1994 was made a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to the media and the community. During this time he was also on the Media Studies Advisory Committee at RMIT University and was one of the founders of the charity rehabilitation organisation Odyssey House Victoria.

Nigel Dick was diagnosed with dementia and moved into a nursing home, passing away just before his 90th birthday in March 2018.

Nigel Dick


Graeme Gilsenan (also known as Graeme Gill) started his radio career in the early 1950s, in the music library at 3UZ for around twelve months before moving to 3KZ where he worked as a panel operator for Alan Freeman, eventually becoming a presenter.

In the mid 50s Graeme moved to 2RG Griffith and later worked at the then new TV station MTN 9.

In 1965 Graeme moved to London and joined a whole army of expats living at the famous Earls Court. He joined Radio London in 1966 and went on to become a founding presenter at iconic pirate stations Radio Caroline and Radio North Sea International off the Dutch coast.

Graeme joined Radio Netherlands in 1974. He passed away in Amsterdam where he had been living since his retirement from RN in the late 80s. Graeme Gilsenan was 82.

Photo thank you to Alexis J Favenchi

Graham Gilsenan 1983 from Alexis Favenchi